Rowan County Adopts the Carolina Thread Trail

Landsford-Canal-State-ParkThe Carolina Thread Trail organization returned to  present its master plan to Rowan County Commission on July 6th for the 2nd time. The first time was in 2009. Only a few seats were empty for this presentation. Many of those in attendance were members of Salisbury Bicycle Coalition and Salisbury/Rowan Runners.


During public comment, six people stood up and spoke out in favor asking the commissioners to consider adopting the plan. Only one person spoke negatively with the message that landowners would be liable for injury if someone were to get hurt. This misinformation was debunked during the actual presentation when Ms. Gates advised that persons using sections of trail on private property would be treated as trespassers in the event there were a problem.


Judy Klusman spoke to say she supported it. The room exploded with applause and the was asked nicely by Chairman Edds to please refrain from applause.


Green simply asked if Rowan was the only county that hadn’t signed on. When answered with a “yes”, he responded with a “thank you.”


Pierce, in a very agitated and vitriolic demeanor, spoke negatively about the plan and compared the presenter to a 5 year old consistently asking for candy until finally getting what they want. He referred to the Thread Trails as “…bicycle trails or whatever you want to call them.”


Caskey spoke about how he thinks it’s a good plan and concept and that he feels better about it than when it was first presented six years prior. He then stated he could not support it.
A motion was made by Klusman and was seconded by Greene. It then passed with a majority vote via Edds, Klusman and Greene. Pierce was a resounding “NO!” and Caskey gave no audible vote. The Motion passed and Rowan County officially adopted the Carolina Thread Trail! Congratulation Rowan County!