Trail Maintenance Guidelines

  1. When removing thorn vines from beside the trail, do not cut them because they will grow back quickly. Instead, bend them over and place a limb etc. on top to hold the  vine down. The vine will eventually die and not come back. If the vine is actually on the trail, you may have to cut it. Never use chemicals on the trail.
  2. When planning additional features like berms, jumps etc., give thought to balancing them throughout the trail.
  3. Plan/perform workdays by section.
  4. Make sure you have a plan and all necessary tools before beginning trail work.
  5. ROOTS Maintenance Guidelines
    1. Do not remove roots that you think may be preventing erosion.
    2. No matter how big or gnarly, do not remove roots that you think are part of the mountain biking challenge.
  6. If a workday involve walking, consider drain cleaning, roots and thorns at the same time.
  7. If the group has several workers, consider splitting the group and working the ends toward the middle.
  8. When designing and constructing a jump, you should decide ahead if you want it to send the bike/rider for a long distance (faster longer distance in the air, easier landing and need longer distance to stop) or a high jump (generally slower, harder on the bike/rider when landing.