Letter to the Editor: Why I Ride a Bicycle

sharonbikeFive years ago, I had a cerebral aneurysm and a subsequent stroke. My blood pressure was high and I suffered from depression. When I exercise, I am able to keep my blood pressure down without medication. It also keeps me off of antidepressants. Cycling does it better than any other exercise.


I ride because it’s a completely sensual exercise. I love the feeling of the wind in my face. I love inhaling the scents as I move through neighborhoods; the smell of foods wafting from the windows of the various kitchens or the grills in the yards. I love the smell of clothes drying. I love the smell of the seasons changing. I started riding in the spring and it is now autumn, so the smells change with the seasons. I love feeling the change in the air pockets. As you’re going down the road, the air temperature can change from cool to warm and back to cool again. I love waving to people as I tool down the streets. I have seen things while on a ride, I would not have noticed going 45-55 mph down the road. These are all things I cannot get from encased within glass and metal . I find cycling to be the most social exercise.


When I go too long without riding, I get cranky. I love how I feel when I’m done with a ride.


Sharon Earnhardt

Salisbury, NC