Let’s Get Our Ride On!

cyclistsThe switch to daylight savings time  is a very important point in every cyclists year.  The days just got longer and the temperatures are starting to rise. It signifies the beginning of our season. The next thirty week are ours! If we start now, by August we will be lean, mean spinning machines with the metabolism of  humming birds.


This year, we are adding another ride to the schedule. This ride will be a little more advanced than our social Sunday rides. Starting March 12th we will ride from Downtown Salisbury every Thursday at 6pm. We will meet in the parking lot across from the Rowan Public Library. The first couple of rides will be about 20 miles. We’ll start out doing one lap on the Goodman Lake loop at around 15-16 mph pace. As the days get longer and our fitness levels increase, we’ll add distance and speed.

If this doesn’t sound appealing to you right way, don’t worry. The social rides are not going away. We plan to offer a “B group” ride for those who enjoy a more social pace. As time permits, they will  take the same route as the “A group” allowing anyone wishing to try a faster paced group that opportunity. They will have the option of dropping back to the B-group after they get their fill and are encouraged to work at increasing their time each week until they are able to finish the ride with the A group.