Know Your Ride

GroupRideSunsetWhen rides are announced, the most frequently asked questions are “What is the distance and the pace?” and  “What bike should I bring?” Here’s a description of a few popular ride types and what to expect.



Social (No-Drop)

A slower paced social ride on low traffic roads and greenways. Most any sound running bike will do. The focus of a social ride is to have fun with friends, introduce newcomers to cycling, and learn how to get around safely on a bicycle. Social rides are are “no-drop” meaning everyone starts together, stays together, and ends together.



Moderate speeds (14-17 mph). These rides are almost always advertised as no-drop. However, riders are still expected to know their fitness level, have appropriate equipment and know how to maintain it. Most people will find these rides most comfortable on some type of road/pavement bike with a few gears. These rides can range in distance from 20-60+ miles.



Usually faster in nature (18-21 mph) and can be somewhat competitive. While they are not usually advertised as no-drop, the group will usually adjust pace to keep riders of similar skill levels together. Everyone is expected to be self-sufficient and know the route if dropped. Bikes used on these rides are usually performance or competition road bikes. Rides can range in distance from 20-60+ miles.