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Carolina Thread Trail to Present to Rowan County Board of Commissioners

On July 6, 2015 at 3:00 p.m. the Carolina Thread Trail organization will present its plan for Rowan County to the Rowan board of commissioners for the second time. Carolina Thread Trial is described, on their website, as “A network of greenways, trails and blueways that reaches 15 counties, 2 states and 2.3 million people.” It was initially presented in 2009 […]

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How to Respectfully Pass a Cyclist: Video

All too often we see motorists trying to squeeze their cars between a cyclist and oncoming traffic. It is important, for the safety of all, that the overtaking vehicle wait until the oncoming traffic lane is clear before passing. It is also illegal for a car to pass any slow moving vehicle without crossing the center line. For this reason, […]

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Do Cyclists Pay for Roads? Sure They Do!

Occasionally, a non-cyclist will bring up fuel and excise tax as the reason they have more right to the road than a person operating a bicycle. However, these people are often not considering several facts.   First of all, they are way overestimating the share of road spending covered by these taxes. In NC it is only 46%. This barely […]

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SB 617 Vs. Bike Lanes

Senate Bill 617 was filed on March 11th and includes a significant restrictive provision regarding bike lanes and road diets and is sponsored by Sens. Trudy Wade (R-Guilford), Andrew Brock (R-Davie) and Brent Jackson (R-Sampson). The proposed new language reads as follows: “Reduction of travel lanes to accommodate the addition of bike lanes within the existing paved and marked travel […]

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Be Healthy and Happy! Ride a Bike!

With Spring and warmer weather just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about getting the bike out on the road and ditching the car for all those shorter trips we take throughout the week.   Using a bicycle for transportation to and from school, work, the store or your favorite restaurant is a great way to be healthy, […]

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