UPDATED: Bicycle and Pedestrian Law in North Carolina

bike-lightFrom time to time you may hear someone make a statement or assumption about the rules of the road when it comes to bicycles and pedestrians. As advocates, it’s a good idea for us to know what those rules actually are so we can provide answers and help clear up a questionable situation.


While some of us may be familiar with  The Guide to North Carolina Bicycle and Pedestrian Laws, This document was published in 2004 by government officials who are rigidly devoted to the details of administrative procedure. Therefore, this document can leave some with a confusing and misleading interpretation. In 2006, North Carolina Coalition for Bicycle Driving submitted a detailed critique of the NCDOT law guide. In 2014, Ann Groninger of www.bikelaw.com published “Ride Guide” to help clarify the discrepancies outlined in the critique.


You can download them all to your smart phone or tablet and start familiarizing yourselves with the law pertaining to Bicycles and Pedestrians.


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