Bicycle Benefit Helmet Stickers

helmet stickerSurely, by now, you have heard about the Bicycle Benefits Helmet Sticker. If you haven’t, well, it’s the Holy Grail of the bicycle culture afoot across the United States. Businesses that support bicycles for transportation and recreation, offer discounts and specials to anyone who rides a bike to their business and has, in their possession, one of these highly sought after decals. One trip to most of the participating businesses in Salisbury will more than cover the cost of this jewel.


But it doesn’t just work in Salisbury!

This sticker is recognized in hundreds of businesses all across the US! Our neighboring city, Charlotte,  with over 120 businesses, is 2nd in the country only to Seattle! If you are traveling, just visit and see which business in that area support bicycling by recognizing the sticker and then return the favor!


How do I Get One?

When a business enrolls in the program, they have the option of selling the sticker. So some of the businesses have them available. However, to help with the administrative burden Salisbury Bicycle Coalition is selling them through Skinny Wheels Bike Shop and all proceeds go back to the club.


So if you don’t already have one, go get yours today and start reaping additional rewards for riding your bike!