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Do Cyclists Pay for Roads? Sure They Do!

Occasionally, a non-cyclist will bring up fuel and excise tax as the reason they have more right to the road than a person operating a bicycle. However, these people are often not considering several facts.   First of all, they are way overestimating the share of road spending covered by these taxes. In NC it is only 46%. This barely […]

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Blue Ridge Trail Works to Speak to SBC

On March 9th, a small group met at Salisbury Community Park to discuss potential direction of the mountain bike trails.  Those in attendance were: Eric Phillips(Skinny Wheels Bike Shop, Stephen Brown (Salisbury Parks and Recreation), Leonard Wood (Local Rider and Trail Volunteer) and Tony McGee and Scott Brown (Blue Ridge Trail Works)   Tony is a landscape architect who has […]

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SB 617 Vs. Bike Lanes

Senate Bill 617 was filed on March 11th and includes a significant restrictive provision regarding bike lanes and road diets and is sponsored by Sens. Trudy Wade (R-Guilford), Andrew Brock (R-Davie) and Brent Jackson (R-Sampson). The proposed new language reads as follows: “Reduction of travel lanes to accommodate the addition of bike lanes within the existing paved and marked travel […]

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Know Your Ride

When rides are announced, the most frequently asked questions are “What is the distance and the pace?” and  “What bike should I bring?” Here’s a description of a few popular ride types and what to expect.     Social (No-Drop) A slower paced social ride on low traffic roads and greenways. Most any sound running bike will do. The focus […]

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Let’s Get Our Ride On!

The switch to daylight savings time  is a very important point in every cyclists year.  The days just got longer and the temperatures are starting to rise. It signifies the beginning of our season. The next thirty week are ours! If we start now, by August we will be lean, mean spinning machines with the metabolism of  humming birds.   […]

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