The Salisbury Bicycle Coalition, founded in 2014, works to transform Salisbury, North Carolina and Rowan County streets and neighborhoods into more livable and safe places, by promoting the bicycle for everyday transportation and recreation. Through advocacy, education and partnering with the city, businesses, and community agencies to achieve safer streets and more livable communities for all of Salisbury, and the surrounding areas.

The People for Bikes™ might have put it best.

“We ride for fun. We ride for fitness. We ride to get from here to there, to free ourselves from the daily grind, and to make our world a better place through bikes. Sometimes we ride for no reason at all.

We ride because we love how riding a bike creates a cool breeze on a still morning and how, after a long day at work, hopping on a bike makes us feel like the day has only begun. We ride so that our kids can enjoy the simple pleasure of two-wheeled adventures around the neighborhood. We ride to make familiar places new again.



But mostly, we ride because it’s fun."