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    Welcome to Bike Salisbury!

    No matter what type of cyclists you are, we have what you are looking for in Salisbury, NC. Whether you are a competitive, recreational or leisure rider, there is a […]

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Bicycle Cash Mob and Bicycle Benefits!


Okay folks! We are ramping up efforts on bicycle awareness and bicycle benefits. Angela Jones has accepted the the responsibility of recruiting new Bicycle Benefits businesses in Rowan County. We will be scheduling rides and Meetups to show up en masse to businesses who choose to participate. This is a great way to create cycling awareness and support local business! […]

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Carolina Thread Trail to Present to Rowan County Board of Commissioners

On July 6, 2015 at 3:00 p.m. the Carolina Thread Trail organization will present its plan for Rowan County to the Rowan board of commissioners for the second time. Carolina Thread Trial is described, on their website, as “A network of greenways, trails and blueways that reaches 15 counties, 2 states and 2.3 million people.” It was initially presented in 2009 […]

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How to Respectfully Pass a Cyclist: Video

All too often we see motorists trying to squeeze their cars between a cyclist and oncoming traffic. It is important, for the safety of all, that the overtaking vehicle wait until the oncoming traffic lane is clear before passing. It is also illegal for a car to pass any slow moving vehicle without crossing the center line. For this reason, […]

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